Expanded metal solar shading panels


solar shading panels

Expanded metal companies Technotron-Metal are used in the field of solar shielding of buildings. Solar shading panels are designed and designed not only for administrative but also private buildings. Thanks to them, it is possible to combine the aesthetic requirements of an architect for the attractive appearance of the building and at the same time the requirements of a user who appreciates and needs natural daylight inside the building. Technotron-Metal offers architects and designers 3D models of expanded metal https://technotron-metal.cz/architektura/tahokov-vhodny-pro-architekturu/ and daylight transmission curves at different angles – page 7 of the Architecture catalog https: // technotron -metal.cz/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/katalog_WEB1.pdf. Thanks to this, it is possible to simulate the brightness of the building in different seasons, take into account the orientation of the building to the sides of the world and the so-called “on paper” to visualize different types of expanded metal and their overall impact on the appearance of the facade.

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