Meet the next-generation CUBE® mesh gratings

The new patent pending CUBE® grating series is a brand-new alternative to the traditional 33 x 33 mesh gratings – designed, developed. The PcP CUBE® gratings embrace design, quality and safety and can
be applied in all the industries where the 33×33 mesh gratings are used today. The CUBE® is a punched hole mesh grating that combines light weight and high strength and is a suitable and cost-efficient solution for construction and food & beverage industries where grating panels and stair treads are needed.

Unique design
Designed by PcP, the CUBE® is the latest innovation, new to the world and comes with a unique and modern design and manufacturing technology.

Simple and quick installation
CUBE® gratings are simple to install and easy to adapt to any structural layout. Traditional mesh grating stair treads are quick and easy to replace
with the new CUBE® grating stair treads.

Easy to clean
In food and beverages industries where hygiene is important, the C-CUBE® grating is suitable and easy to clean.

High strength & low weight
The CUBE® grating has the optimal balance between weight and strength making it a suitable and cost-efficient solution for all types of industrial applications.

High slip resistance
Tested and approved by German and English certifying bodies, the CUBE® gratings and stairtreads has a high slip resistance due to the surface design.

EN ISO 14122
CUBE® gratings comply to the European standard EN ISO 14122.

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