TECHNOTRON – METAL s.r.o. is a specialist in the production of expanded metal and its only manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

TECHNOTRON – METAL s.r.o. has been manufacturing expanded metal since 1968 when the production of spiles for the nearby bituminous coal mines started in the state-owned sheet rolling mill in Frýdek-Místek. The company was gradually transformed into a joint-stock company in 1991

In 1995, the sheet rolling mill split into the parental company under the name Válcovny Plechu a.s. and three subsidiaries: one of them being Válcovny plechu Technotron s.r.o. Válcovny plechu and the subsidiaries were controlled by Nová Huť Ostrava a.s. and the company later changed its name to ArcelorMittal Frýdek-Místek a.s.

Válcovny plechu Technotron s.r.o., the subsidiary, became ArcelorMittal Technotron Frýdek-Místek s.r.o., and its division with the press shop that manufactures expanded metal was acquired by the current owners of Technotron – Metal s.r.o. who named the company TAHOKOV-TECHNOTRON s.r.o.

TECHNOTRON – METAL s.r.o. was founded by splitting a part of TAHOKOV-TECHNOTRON s.r.o. on 1 January 2018, TECHNOTRON – METAL s.r.o. purchased TAHOKOV-TECHNOTRON and the entire production of expanded metal thus passed onto TECHNOTRON – METAL s.r.o. This is how our Company became the only manufacturer of expanded metal in the Czech Republic.

Every year, we introduce new types of expanded metal made of various material to the market (steel, aluminium, copper, galvanized, Corten etc.). You can find our portfolio at eplechy.cz or under Catalogues on our website at https://technotron-metal.cz/en/ .

Our products are used in construction projects by investors not only in the Czech Republic, but all over Europe (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, France, Croatia and so on). You can read references under Architecture. 

The Company manufactures expanded metal products, such as expanded metal grates and steps, railing, bridge structure fillers, steel and aluminium expanded metal fences, façade systems, and panels and suspended ceilings – all those products are becoming increasingly popular in building architecture. 

Product range: Our Portfolio

Our portfolio also includes metal sheets manufactured and sold by the affiliated company PERFO LINEA a.s., the largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated sheets in the Czech Republic.

The Company owns the following certificates

CSN EN ISO 9001:2016 for the production and sale of expanded metal, stairs, grates and structural steel and aluminium building parts and assemblies.

CSN EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 for the management of the production of aluminium structures.

CSN EN 1090-2:2019 for production from structural steel.

CSN EN 1090-3:2009 for production from aluminium and aluminium alloys.

and others, see https://technotron-metal.cz/en/certifikaty/

Come choose from the broadest product range of perforated material and expanded metal at our sales centre in Frýdek-Místek or visit our e-shop. 

We look forward to seeing you.

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