is the largest manufacturer of expanded metal in the Czech Republic. 

Expanded metals, perforated sheets, steel gratings and aluminum expanded metal fencing systems – all these products are kept on our warehouses or might be produced according your wish.

custom manufacturing / warehouse sales / facades / suspended ceilings
fences / industrial supplies / stairs / grates

Discover our wide range of perforated materials including products made from expanded metal, e.g. expanded metal gratings, ceilings, facade cassetes, fences etc.

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Expanded metal

micro-expanded metal, decorative metal is a modern material for use in modern architecture and construction, for exceptional design interiors and exteriors, facade elements, ceilings, balcony panels in combination with hemming profiles, screens etc. Products made of expanded metal are also known as a filter strainers, safety and intake grilles, security lights, etc. The application can be find in various engineering projects, agriculture, transport, etc.

Perforated sheets

We offer wide assortment of perforated sheets for immediate delivery from our warehouse or production in dimensions according your wish. Perforated sheets are produced on the all across presses and laser machines. Perforated sheets are often used to make shelves, screens, sorting lines, dryers, components for machinery, buses and other vehicles. In modern architecture are perforated sheets used for unique look in interiors and exteriors, whether as soffits, arcades, balconies combined with hemming profiles, screens, street furniture etc.

Grates and stair steps

Steel gratings are also known as pororos, they are modern building elements used for staircases, walkways, tribunes, bridges, soffits, railings, etc. The construction of pressed steel floor gratings made of structural and stainless steels is characterized by low own weight.


Technotron-Metal, p. it offers unique aluminum fences with expanded metal and perforated panels that have become a real hit in recent years. You can also order separate fillings and then install them into existing metal or concrete posts on your property.

Sieves and mesh

Nets and welded mesh are suitable for the production of covers, cages, nets for wire program, nets for concrete products, templates for floor heating, industrial floors, pergolas, fencing, storage elements, warehouse pallets, protective barriers, machine enclosures, wide use in agriculture . Made to measure.


We keep the sheets in stock in aluminum, steel, corten, galvanized steel, stainless steel. Smooth, colored, anti-slip finish.

Services - "We weld steel and aluminum. Steel and aluminum constructions up to 500kg including surface treatment are our domain. We are certified and experienced."

Meet portfolio of servicing activities of Technotron-Metal. Thanks to them we are offering to our clients not only the products themselves (eg. the expanded metal, perforated plates, screens and gratings) but as well as semi or final products (eg. facade frames and panels, galvanized stair treads, surface-decorated ceiling panels, fencing systems, steel welded frames and fillings for various applications etc.).

Realizations - "Did you noticed some nice facade or ceiling made out expanded metal? Maybe it was one of many European references of Technotron-Metal."

Social Center in Sedlčany

2020, Sedlčany, Czech republic

Aero Centrum Ostrava

2017, Ostrava, Czech

Info Ostrava

2020, Ostrava, Czech republic

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