Roll bending

Roll bending of steel sheets (mainly perforated) 

  • 4mm(stainless 2mm); max. length 7000 mm 

Roll bending of exp.metal (in both axis of the plate)

Max. possible dimensions: 

  • diameter 2000 mm 
  • height after roll bending max 2500 mm (depends on mesh type) 
  • width of the plate before roll bending max 2000 mm (see attached photos) 
  • thickness max. 6mm 

Bending of expanded metal 

  • max.length 7000 mm – Remark: 
    Trial pieces always needed.

Edging of steel and Al sheets
(mainly perforated) 

  • 6mm (stainless 4mm); 
    max. length 8000 mm
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